Aw! Matt and Camila are Engaged!!

Shortly after his son’s birth, and by shortly I mean an hour or two, Matt McConaughey proposed to his girlfriend Camila Alves! Apparantly Matt was very emotional as he held his new bundle of joy and realized, as most new parents do I think, that all that matters in the world is right in the […]

The After Shocks of Kimmel and Silverman Split

In very surprising news early last week, Jimmy Kimmel announced that he and his long-term girlfried of five years, Sarah Silverman, had a mutual breakup and have decided that it would be better to find their own paths. It was not only surprising but a little bit sad because these two just seemed so perfect […]

Happy Hollywood Endings

It’s nice to know that even with all of the drama of Hollywood, some people seem to just make it after all! Here are some real-life Hollywood happy endings (so far) happening in Hollywood this week. may be due for a happy ending with boyfriend John Mayer as rumors that he has been hitting on […]