Britney Spears Gives Up Custody

Now this is a story that is truly sad to hear. Britney Spears has agreed to give her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, sole custody of their two boys – Sean Preston and Jayden James. This seems to be just temporary and that Britney should be back in a shared custody agreement with K-Fed by the end of the year. From CNN,

Britney Spears has agreed to allow ex-husband Kevin Federline to retain legal custody of their two children in return for gradually increased visitation, sources close to the troubled pop star said Friday.

During Friday’s hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court, Federline also asked for and was granted increased child support as well as $250,000 for legal fees, the sources said.”

I just feel so bad for Britney after she has tried to do everything she can to get out of crazy and back into real life. Why does it seem that whenever people – people that she’s supposed to be the closest to in the entire world – are always trying to get money out of her? First her dad and now her ex-husband. I wish they could have left the arrangement as it was. It doesn’t make sense to me todo this now when she is so obviously getting her life back together.

I also don’t understand what’s so great about Federline and what makes him such a great dad? Sure he’s never shaved his head or held his kids hostage but he’s never really done anything to make me think he’s the stand-up kind of guy, “Father of the Year,” that he’s being made out to be recently.

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#1 sunday school lessons on 07.19.08 at 8:49 pm

Nothing that girl does surprises me.

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