Lohan Gets a Last Visit on her Last Day

It’s nice when our significant others come and support us when we there is something major going on such as ya know, wrapping up a movie. That’s exactly what Samantha Ronson did when she went and visited girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan during her last day of filming her new movie Labor Pains. Gossip Girls says this about the day of filming,

“She’s been faithfully maintaining a gruelling shooting schedule for her current gig “Labor Pains” and yesterday Lindsay Lohan shot her last few scenes.

The “Georgia Rule” actress was spotted on the Los Angeles set wearing a variety of outfits as she took several breaks between scenes.”

Lohan has in the past been very firm that she and Ronson are not dating but I guess she’s forgotten that actions such as public makeout sessions and fits of jealous rage speak louder than words. Whatever she wants to tell her fans, I think whatever this relationship is, it’s great. It seems to have almost calmed Lindsay down and how much the two care for each other is quite evident. Sam provides a prime example of this as she’s seen blowing Lindsay a kiss on the set.

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