Shiloh Meets her Sibs

Only in the world of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is something like a hospital visit a global news event. Shiloh has recently made a trip to visit her mom for the first time since the new additions found their way into the world on Saturday and to meet her tiny new brother and sister. […]

Suvari is Survivin!

I had sort of forgotten about the “American Beauty” star but Mena Suvari has proven that she can, and will survive as she gets ready to walk up the aisle once again. After a six-year marriage to Robert Brinkman, a cinematographer, that ended in 2006, she is now planning to marry her new fiance Simone […]

Lohan Gets a Last Visit on her Last Day

It’s nice when our significant others come and support us when we there is something major going on such as ya know, wrapping up a movie. That’s exactly what Samantha Ronson did when she went and visited girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan during her last day of filming her new movie Labor Pains. Gossip Girls says this […]