Is Paris Really Preggers?

As horrifying as this is, it sure is juicy! Paris Hilton has tongues wagging once again that she may just be carrying around a little one in that teeny-weeny tummy of hers. At the beginning of June, it was thought she may be pregnant after the now-famous photo of her in a green flowing dress with a small pooch sticking out. At the time everyone laughed it off (well, cringed it off) and decided it was probably a case of a big lasagne supper. But now Paris has people talking a little more seriously about the fact that she very well may be about to become a parent with boyfriend, Benji Madden. Whether it’s true or not, Paris may not even know. It does seem that she wants a baby and for all of the right reasons too, wouldn’t ya know! From The Pop Crunch Show,

Paris Hilton is trying desperately to become pregnant. The heiress is so thirsty for attention that she is secretly planning a baby with man of the honor Benji Madden in hopes of reclaiming her crown as tabloid journalism’s favorite little darling.

“She’s jealous of all the attention [best friend] Nicole Richie has been getting and knows she’s fallen off in the tabs lately,” one P.H pal revealed to New York Post. “A baby would put her back in the news.”

She has further spurned on those rumors by bringing an abrupt halt to the drinking she does when she goes out partying with all of her fabulous friends. Not only is this extremely unlike Paris’ party ways but even more unlikely now that she’s dating rocker-boy Benji. Maybe Paris is pregnant. Maybe she’s actually smarter than we all think and putting on a show of being pregnant for the ultimate goal of getting her name back in the papers. Naw, she’s gotta be pregnant!

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#1 Allie Hampton on 10.09.08 at 3:44 am

Great – Paris Spawn! This is horrifying. And if she is, here is yet another example of the denizens of Hollywood not even pretending to do things in a moral way.

Ugh. I really, really hope she isn’t. But she seems to want everything Nicole Richie has, so it’s possible.

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