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Just when this whole Madonna scandal madness seems it can’t get any weirder, her brother releases an unauthorized biography. He’s been doing a lot of promotion lately for his book, including letting some of its juiciest secrets spill off the pages and out of his mouth. We’ve all been given a taste of an insider’s look at Madonna’s life but this latest piece is just too plain creepy for words. Christopher Ciccone, the brother of the huge music star, speaks of their brother-sister relationship as though it’s a romance. Eeewwww! I’m not sure what point he’s trying to get across but maybe someone who doesn’t get all choked up on the grossness of it can make some sense of the whole thing. Celebitchy says,

“Then Christopher talked about how he used to be super close and live with Madonna and it was kind of creepy. He said that “it was like a marriage,” and that he used to even dress her when she was touring.

“Not very many brothers find themselves on their knees, in their sister’s dressing room, wiping sweat off of her naked body. It was an odd situation. I couldn’t really tell my friends, but I wanted to be there for her.”

He said they were living in the same house after Madonna and that they used to run together and “We had our sourdough toast together. We had our coffee together. We were very close. It was a bit like a marriage.”

He then goes on to reveal his feelings for Guy Ritchie and to guess at Madonna’s current feelings for him. Apparantly her own brother doesn’t believe all the divorce reports but maybe he’s still in denial since ya know, this is the man who stole someone that was just like a wife to him. Also from Celebitchy,

“When asked what happened to their relationship, he said “Guy Ritchie pretty much happened to our relationship, for the most part…

“The best way to get to my sister is to get in bed with her. Since I wasn’t doing that – I wasn’t about to. The last person to speakto her at night has the most influence. We both couldn’t exist in the same hemisphere.. not to mention his issues with homosexuality.”

Christopher said Guy Ritchie has problems with gay people and with him, and that his friends made rude references to gay people in their toasts at his wedding to Madonna.

He said that the book is not an attempt to get revenge at anyone. He also claims Madonna is likely to hold on to her relationship with Guy and she’s not one to walk away.”

Yeah, this is just too weird. I wonder why he thought no one would understand why he would rub the sweat off his sister’s naked body? It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

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#1 LL on 01.14.09 at 4:48 pm

I totally and absolutely agree. He speaks of her as he’d want to have her only for himself, never sharing with any other man. He hates all of her partners (as long as she’s involved in a relationship with someone, ’cause he seems to tolerate the guys that are no longer in her life). It’s very clear to me. He fell in love with his own sexy and exposing herself sister (during the school dance, as he describes, when she looked as if she had nothing on her painted body and ‘that’s when his fascination about his sister started’ – as he says:-/ ) and emotionally couldn’t deal with it. He then couldn’t fall in love with any other woman cause his feelings, desire and sexuality already got screwed up by the forbidden fascination. I am bisexual so I don’t want ANYODY to take this as if I don’t accept gay people (I am partly one of them) but Christopher doesn’t put his ‘boyfriends’ equally with Madonna in his hierarchy, whenever she needs him, he’s ready to dump’em. That’s creepy and sad. Madonna partly caused the sick situation obviously by exposing her sexuality and intimacy in front of her closest relatives and Chris absolutely needs help. His ‘relationships’ with guys seem to only give him some basic sexual satisfaction and closeness while he cannot have it with the one person who he really loves and wants – his own sister. Other women will never compare to her, though the way of his describing other women shows his bi- not homosexuality. His sister is not only sexually atractive and open-minded about her fantasies, but also has an extreamly strong and respectable personality which all together makes her irrisistable for him. The ‘fascination’, as hi describes, started when he was a teenager so he was in a process of building up his personality, character and sexuality. She played with him emotionally unconcious of the power of his desire to be with her. Or maybe she just didn’t want to see this the way it was cause her need of manipulating EVERYBODY was stronger… However, he needs a professional help to little by littlle get out of this and she needs to keep distance from him, for her children’s sake. LL (psychologist)

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