When will Gwen have her Baby?

Yes, Gwen Stefani is still massively pregnant and she was shot out and about this weekend with that great big tummy of hers leading the way! I love pregnant Gwen, I just think she’s so darn cute! I’m not entirely sure on when she is due but I know that pregnancy rumors started last December […]

Is Paris Really Preggers?

As horrifying as this is, it sure is juicy! Paris Hilton has tongues wagging once again that she may just be carrying around a little one in that teeny-weeny tummy of hers. At the beginning of June, it was thought she may be pregnant after the now-famous photo of her in a green flowing dress […]

Michael Buble Leaves Mom Heartbroken

This past weekend saw the end of the three-year relationship between Michael Buble and Emily Blunt. The two fell in love when Blunt met Buble backstageat one of his concerts in 2005. They fell madly in love but it seems that there’s someone in the Buble clan that loves Emily more than Michael does – […]

In Creepy News of the Day

Just when this whole Madonna scandal madness seems it can’t get any weirder, her brother releases an unauthorized biography. He’s been doing a lot of promotion lately for his book, including letting some of its juiciest secrets spill off the pages and out of his mouth. We’ve all been given a taste of an insider’s […]