Peter Cook Speaks about Divorce from Brinkley

While Christie Brinkley has been extremely vocal throughout her surprisingly short divorce hearings with now ex-husband Peter Cook, he himself has been relatively mum on the subject. Perhaps because he knows he’s a complete pig and totally in the wrong. Access Hollywood reports on an interview with him where he spoke very openly about his past marriage, how things are now, and his feelings about the source of his divorce:

“Peter Cook has claimed his relationship with ex Christie Brinkley is “strained,” but will one day mend, in an interview on “Geraldo At Large,” which aired over the weekend.

“[It’s] very strained,” Cook told Craig Rivera during the Fox News Channel program interview “But I think it — with anything, time will heal.”

Cook and Brinkley reached a settlement in their divorce, late last week. Cook was granted a settlement of $2.1 million, Brinkley’s attorney confirmed in a statement last week.

Cook said his biggest regret was “not making a better decision three years ago… with [Diana] Bianchi,” the 18-year-old he had an affair with during his marriage to Brinkley.”

Yeah, now’s a little late to be regretting that you are a complete pig! Perhaps he didn’t think at the time about how he would look when it all came out. I laugh that he calls his relationship with his ex-wife “strained.” Yep, I guess that’s a fair enough assessment. Not that I know these two personally but I think he’s being extremely optimistic about any kind of future friendship the two will have. She was clearly extremely pissed off from beginning to end throughout these proceedings, not to mention hurt, and I don’t think those wounds are going to heal any time soon.

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