More Details Surrounding the Infamous Twins

Well if there wasn’t enough talk about them before their birth, the infamous Brangelina twins certainly have people talking about them now! The fraternal twins, Leon Knox and Vivienne Marcheline, have had people talking about them, their health, their momma’s health, and their names in the short two days since they’ve been born! Reports say that they are doing very well although there was concern about all three when Dr. Sussmann, Angelina’s obstetrician, not only rushed to the hospital Monday morning but also extended the normal twenty-minute visit to an hour. No one knows why the visit was so long or so urgent but it was confirmed that everyone was doing well.

As far as where the names came from? The Los Angeles Times did some digging of their own and came up with the following possible reasons:

“1. Shaking the Family Tree: Knox is a Scottish-English-Irish surname and the middle name of Brad’s grandfather, Hal Knox Hillhouse. Léon is the name of Angelina’s great-great grandfather.

2. The X-Factor: The Jolie-Pitts’ two other sons, Maddox and Pax, have an x in their first names.

3. Mother Complex: Vivienne is the French form of Vivian, which may reflect her birthplace or heritage. Or it could be a name in Pitt’s family, because their baby boy is named for people from both parents’ families. Marcheline is the French name of Angelina Jolie’s late mother, who was of French-Canadian and Native American ancestry.”

Really?!? Does the meaning behind a name really need to be so complicated? I don’t really care what their reasons are for these horrible names. They’re not nice no matter how ya cut it. Another side note as to what the delivery room was like: Angelina and Brad were apparantly talking and laughing during the whole operation due to the epidural that Angelina was given. This is not really news since almost every woman who has a C-section is given an epidural, a support person comes in and they are completely coherent but it’s the most famous couple in the world so this minor tidbit needs to make headlines.

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