Is Cher the next Demi Moore?

Okay well of course Cher doesn’t actually want to be Demi Moore since the two women couldn’t be more different. Except in one area that is – the age they like their men! It seems just as Moore found her true love in Ashton Kutcher, Cher may have found the same in her new beau, Tim Medvetz. Cher is twenty four years this man’s senior but no matter how much younger than she is, he definitely has an interesting story. Medvetz is a biker guy, complete with facial hair, that loves whiskey and fried chicken. Six years ago he was in a serious bike accident that left him in a wheelchair for six months. Obviously not one to be discouraged, he still vowed to climb Mt. Everest. And he did! After one unsuccessful attemp, Medvetz was one of the privileged few to be able to leave his footprint on top of the great mountain.

But the story gets even more interesting. The National Enquirer has reported that the two are planning on getting married! From Celebitchy,

“As for Cher and Medvetz’s plans to marry, the Enquirer says they plan to marry “in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony by the end of the year,” and that Cher is asking him to sign a prenup first to protect her assets. There’s not much detail about either statement and the article focuses more on Medvetz’s background and their courtship.”

I have no idea how long these two have been dating but I seriously doubt that the Enquirer has their facts right on this one. Not only did the title they use insinuate that Cher was already married but she never actually says in the interview that they’re planning a wedding. Who knows? Perhaps they are getting married. I honestly wouldn’t know how to predict the outcome of this one, though.

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