Is Cher the next Demi Moore?

Okay well of course Cher doesn’t actually want to be Demi Moore since the two women couldn’t be more different. Except in one area that is – the age they like their men! It seems just as Moore found her true love in Ashton Kutcher, Cher may have found the same in her new beau, […]

Winehouse Speaks about Husband Blake

Is there a more messed-up couple on this planet than druggie Amy WInehouse and co-druggie Blake Fielder-Civil? These two are not only more addicted to drugs than any other two people on earth but they have both been known to see other people, one of them is in jail (so I guess he’s only contacting […]

Peter Cook Speaks about Divorce from Brinkley

While Christie Brinkley has been extremely vocal throughout her surprisingly short divorce hearings with now ex-husband Peter Cook, he himself has been relatively mum on the subject. Perhaps because he knows he’s a complete pig and totally in the wrong. Access Hollywood reports on an interview with him where he spoke very openly about his […]

Britney Spears is the Girl-Next-Door Again

There’s no doubt that Britney Spears is becoming the girl-next-door that we all originally fell in love with when the pop star exploded onto the music scene. She has turned over a new leaf for sure, going in a few short months from crazy psychopath to loving homebody. Spears has been making big moves, trying […]

More Details Surrounding the Infamous Twins

Well if there wasn’t enough talk about them before their birth, the infamous Brangelina twins certainly have people talking about them now! The fraternal twins, Leon Knox and Vivienne Marcheline, have had people talking about them, their health, their momma’s health, and their names in the short two days since they’ve been born! Reports say […]