Sarah Larson Proves Once Again how Stupid she Is

About a year ago we all heard that the “Sexiest Man Alive,” George Clooney had started slummin it with an LA cocktail waitress, Sarah Larson. Not to put cocktail waitresses, or LA women to shame but on Clooney’s level, anything that doesn’t involve a billion dollar home and a multi-million dollar cottage is considered slummin it. I think we all immediately dismissed her as a bimbo looking for cash and I think we all secretly wanted to be proven wrong. Sadly, we weren’t.

Okay, we all knew the money was a big lure to her. Yes, Clooney’s hot but that money don’t hurt either. And while they continued on with their fairytale romance and people talked about weddings and babies, we all were thinking the same thing in the back of our minds. Now Larson has come out and practically openly admitted that she’s happy to have all kinds of money strictly because she dated George Clooney. From Celebedge,

“George is a great guy, a wonderful person,” Sarah tells Hello! magazine of the man she dated for nearly a year. “I don’t regret spending time with him. We still remain friends and have kept in touch. In fact, we spoke over the phone a couple of days ago.”

If Sarah sounds surprisingly charitable for someone so recently curb-kicked, it might have something to do with her status upgrade from Vegas cocktail waitress to the face of an upcoming Christian Audigier campaign, with other modeling gigs still being negotiated.

“I make good money,” she tells the magazine. “I have a house. I have all the things I’ve always wanted. I’m in a good place.”

That’s nice. No mention of how she’s sad that she no longer has someone to share it all with. Or something along the lines to make us all thinking twice. Good for you, Sarah! You got what you wanted! And you’re stupid enough to tell everyone about it!

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