Angelina Picture as Fake as she Is

Remember this picture? Yep, just likeI thought last week when it was released, it’s a complete fake. That woman is not Angelina Jolie and is in fact just another woman who other than being another patient at the hospital, has nothing to do with the birth of those twins. Of course Angelina would never pose in front of the window like that, it’s something that seems almost human! And she’s so busy being pampered in her four-room suite hotel, er sorry, hospital room that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, while she is being “observed” that she’s far too busy to keep in touch with the real world. In fact, the windows in the Queen’s rooms are specially coated so that cameras cannot see into the room from the other side. Oh please. Just how special do you think you are? The hospital has confirmed that the said belly shots are definitely not that of the Wanted actress in People,

“Don’t expect to catch any glimpses of Angelina Jolie in her hospital room.

The hospital in Nice, France, where Jolie, 33, is staying as she awaits the birth of her twins has coated the windows of her room with special insulating material that cameras cannot see through, the Associated Press reports. The news comes after several photographs – allegedly of Jolie and – have surfaced.

“It is impossible to see into Mr. Brad Pitt and Mrs. Angelina Jolie’s room,” a rep for the Fondation Lenval hospital said in a statement. “So any pictures released are either posed fakes set up by paparazzi, or, they are pictures of other patients. We hope this is clearly understood out of respect for all patients in this clinic.”

Oh puh-leaze. Great so no one can see in. I understand that they’re famous but what other stars have had to go to these extremes? I thought it was bad when Jennifer Lopez had the hospital running hospital drills before her birth but she managed to stay in the country. And she was famous, and she had a famous husband, and she was having twins! Get over yourself, Angelina. Everybody else already has.

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#1 Medea on 01.17.09 at 6:22 am

I think she would skrivel up and die if she had no attention/narcissistic supply.. 😉

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