After the Birth

Hollywood is now so deep into the baby boom industry that it’s hard to keep up with who is doing what and how with their little ones. While it’s safe to say that everybody is happy and healthy, we of course, are always looking for more than that. Here are a few of the new to have given birth and how they are doing with parenthood.

speaks out about vaccines, autism, and being a laid-back parent. You can always know that someone knows what they’re talking about when they interject “or something” into the conversation. Real specific. But we really should all take heed at what she’s saying. She has been a parent for a whole month already.

And , who just had his baby on Monday, has already started people talking about him. We’ve now been told that his son’s name is Levi. In the interview with US, he also gives an explanation for the name. Matt and long-time girlfriend, Camilla Alves, have also accepted a deal with OK magazine to sell the first baby pictures for 3 million dollars.

I’m not sure how much got from the same magazine for the first pictures of her and little baby Maddie but they appear on the cover this week. She is loving being back home and being a new mommy. But don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize Jamie Lynn. I’d be surprised if that’s even her on the cover, it’s been so airbrushed.

and Keith Urban have also given explanations for the name of their baby daughter, Sunday Rose, also born this past Monday. After their explanation, I’m still of the opinion that Sunday is not a good name for a child but then again, it’s not my baby. And Nicole, always showing how she’s a lady full of class has turned down many deals for the first pictures but still promise to show her to the world very soon.

And five months after had her precious bundles, Emme and Max, she is taking some chill time by cruising around on a luxury yacht in Italy with the babies’ daddy, Marc Anthony. People are talking about her being back in a bikini such a short time after delivering two babies and a lot of people are talking about how it’s nice to not see celebrities that are perfect and stick thin. I don’t know, I’d trade my body for hers any day!

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