Madonna Staying in Marriage for Money

Madonna has proven once again that everything she does and every move she makes is methodically planned out. After her display with her soon-to-be ex, Guy Ritchie, didn’t work out, she has chosen to speak out on the subject. ParentDish has part of that statement in which Madonna says,

“My husband and I are not planning on getting a divorce,” she said, and went on to say that she is not responsible for the state of A-Rod’s marriage or his “spiritual path.”

And now TMZ has a source that says that this is a show put on entirely for the benefit of Madonna’s fans. Apparantly, the star wants to make sure that her tour is over before she goes ahead and divorces Ritchie. From TMZ,

“Well-placed sources tell us the Ritchies plan to officially split in November or December — after the Mrs.’ upcoming “Sticky and Sweet” world tour. Why? Big bucks. The concerts are expected to earn close to $300 mil worldwide, and they’ve decided to ear mark that to provide for their three children’s future…

There is a whole PR strategy that has been in place for some time. We’re told the Material Girl will be “very visible” in the months leading up to the tour to “generate a lot of publicity.” That’s when “news” of the marriage’s demise would slowly leak out, causing tongues to wag — and Madonnato be on the cover of papers and mags around the world.

The marriage, we’re told, has been effectively over for some time. The couple are friends, and have realized that it is in both of their interests to make a pile of cash from this tour.”

Who needs love to keep you together when there’s all that green to be made? I don’t know, this is being toted as one of Madonna’s craftiest moves yet but I’m not so sure. Fans are sure to see through this as being the media promotion tool that it is and disrespect her just a little bit more for more it. I have always been a huge fan but I think with a name like hers, she doesn’t need to make tacky moves to get attention and money. She says she’s doing it to secure her kid’s futures but does she really need money that badly? I’m sure the other couple hundred million she has kicking around somewhere would suffice them for the rest of their lives if need be.

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