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Well her attempt in keeping her divorce under wraps is failing miserably and Madonna is doing all she can to get people to stop talking about her and soon-to-be-ex hubby, Guy Ritchie. This seems to be more attention-seeking behavior to me but Madonna actually stepped out with Ritchie earlier this week in an effort to stop all the talk and show that they were a loving couple. Witness reports vary from, “They seemed to be a happy couple,” to “It looked like they were trying to show the picture of a happy couple.” My theory is that Madonna once again is heavily involved in self-promotion. If you want people to stop talking, you stop giving them things to talk about. Going out in a very public place and putting on some kind of display is not the way to do it. She’s gotta know that.

Further details have also come out about why the two are destined for divorce. Madonna moved to Britain seven years ago when she married guy and now apparantly she thinks it’s time tomove back to her homeland but Guy has different ideas. From NDTV,

“The book Life With My Sister Madonna says the seven-year marriage has survived till now only because of a rabbi who visits them and acts as a mediator, reports

The main reason for the strain in the marriage seems to be that Madonna wants to return to New York after having lived in Britain since her marriage to Ritchie. However, Ritchie thinks Britain is a better place for their children.”

The book has been written by her brother and although Madonna had nothing to do with the writing of the book, it’s a detailed account of her life and is sure to include more juicy details of the divorce that’s got everyone talking!

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