Outrageous Rumors or Unbelievable Truths?

It seems that every second of every day there are new rumors being started about this star or that. Whether it be if they are headed for Splitsville with their hubby or hiding a bump, there are always plenty abound! Most are easily spotted as garbage but every now and then you hear one that stumps you. These are the stories that seem so crazy that you have to wonder: Is it just more paparazzi trash or it something that is so crazy it’s got to be true? This week was quite a busy week with almost ever star being scrutinized under the magnifying glass. Are these stories below outrageous rumors or unbelievable truths?

The first two outrageous stories both involve . Now that details of the goings-on in her delivery room are being leaked, it’s being said that she refused an emergency C-section even after being told that she was risking the health of her and the baby. Normally, I wouldn’t think to refute this rumor but the fact that I’ve only seen the story printed this one time, it makes me wonder.

The second story in the Spears’ saga is that is jealous of her younger sister. There are actually two different versions of this story. The first is that Britney is deeply upset that Jamie Lynn gave birth to a girl, Maddie Briann. Apparantly, Britney has always wanted a girl. I totally discredit this entire story as just ridiculous. The second version goes that Britney did in fact become extremely upset while at home for the birth but that it was because everyone was gushing about what a great mother Jamie Lynn will be. Britney felt badly allegedly because she has had her boys taken away from her. And a birth would always remind a mother of the happy times when they birthed their own children. This I can actually see happening.

And up next in the parenting rumors department, there is . It’s been no secret how happy she and fiance Joel Madden are together with baby Harlow and she has mentioned in interviews past that she wants to have another baby right away. So is this story simply bored reporters? Or did Nicole and Joel really get a jump on things? While my instinct is to dismiss this as well, it would provide me with an explanation as to why she hasn’t gone back to her old ways.

And one rumor that has nothing to do with babies but everything to do wtih crazy is that of the twisted love triangle between , Alex Rodriguez, and Alex’s wife, Cynthia. With huge speculation surrounding the about-to-be-divorced singer and the still-married baseball player, Cynthia is now leaving her husband. What I don’t understand about this is that she’s saying that Madonna used the Kabbalah religion to brainwash Alex. I believe the story that she’s actually claiming this. What I don’t understand is how she thinks that’s possible.

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