Will Smith Now Searching for Aliens Through Scientology

It seems that Tom Cruise may be making the rounds in Tinseltown trying to get his friends to convert to his fave religion, Scientology.Although Will Smith, Tom’s buddy-boy has always denied that he has anything to do with the religion, it seems that he is becoming quite a proponent of the bizarre and secretive beliefs. From The Pop Crunch Show,

“Life & Style spies claim Will was chatting up the unorthodox religion to anyone who would listen on the set of his new film, Hancock, opening July 4th.

“He gave out Scientology-like pamphlets at the end of the shoot,” says biographer Andrew Morton, who published an unauthorized biography on Kooky Cruise last Winter.

“It’s also been said that he and Jada are homeschooling their children in Scientology methods,” Morton insists.

Will and Jada are also rumored to be financing the New Village Academy, a Scientology-associated school to open in Calabasas, California this Fall.”

While I don’t care what the Cruise’s want to do with their life, the news about Will Smith is quite upsetting. He just seems so normal and Scientology just…doesn’t. I know that Tom is big on the idea of people reading about it first before they make judgements but I don’t like the idea of a religion that makes you pay to learn about them. And the Smith’s are bringing their children into it too! Oh no, no. This is not good news at all.

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#1 Run-DMS on 06.27.08 at 4:23 pm

I won’t be seeing Hancock. No way. Smith lied to his fans, repeatedly. And what’s worse is that he has aligned himself with thuggish cult that ruins lives in so many ways. To hell with him, and his little wife too.

#2 simon20 on 07.01.08 at 5:22 am

Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise in The Hardy Boys Remake! Fabulous!! Look this video! Video Tom Cruise_Ben Stiller!

#3 Jesus on 11.12.08 at 1:31 pm

Scientology is messed up, but no more than any other religion. I’d think he was just as stupid for promoting christianity. The only difference is one’s newer.

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