The Latest Updates on the Hottest Stars

This week’s wrap up is a little bit of everything as stars are busy hooking up, breaking up, having babies and of course, dodging rumors. Here’s what’s happening in Tinseltown this week.

and Portia de Rossi have set a date for their wedding, which will now legally take place in California. It seems that they want to keep us guessing because although they’ve announced that they set a date, exactly which date that is has yet to be revealed. What they have said is that the wedding will be bigger and better than anything anyone’s ever seen and that there will be number of famous people there, some of whom will sing. Really? At a wedding for a couple of celebrities? Still so happy for these two though!

And and John Mayer are most happy to report that they are still together and they are still very happy. Jenn is currently spending time with her singer boyfriend in the United Kingdom while he’s on tour. There are also rumors floatingaround that Jenn “accidentally” proposed to John during one of their long walks on the beach (sigh) but these seem to be completely untrue. Jenn did however, introduce him to her dad.

Another happy duo in Hollywood these days is and his wife, Jennifer Murray. Or should I say ex-wife. The two surprised everyone with the announcement that they were divorcing just this past May and they are no doubt thrilled at the expediency of the courts now it is final. Despite allegations Bill Murray made about his wife this past month about her being dangerous around their children, she has been granted full custody of their four children.

hasn’t been granted full custody but she is making headway on the kids front. She recently requested that her visitation rights be reviewed and she asked for more. No details have been revealed just yet but it’s thought that Britney asked for overnights with her kids and she’s been given them! What may be even more impressive is that Britney appeared in court properly dressed and in a professional manner. The girl is coming back!

And one rumor that was dispelled very quickly was the story about being so angry with Heath Ledger’s family that she has stopped seeing them and kept Matilda, the daughter she had with Heath, away from them. The story was so ludicrous that hardly anyone – except New York Post, who ran the story originally – even bothered to report on it. But now you know, in case you come across it!

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