Christie Brinkley Shows that Some Women Got Balls!

Many women when going through a divorce, especially one that will be held up to the media microscope, want to hide away with their tears and their sorrow. They may curse their ex-husband but in Hollywood, a “no comment” is about the nastiest public comment people usually get. But ya gotta hand it to Christie Brinkley! She finds out that her husband, Peter Cook has been having an affair with a much younger woman and that he’s a complete pervert and she decides to let the world know jus what a pig this guy is! From the Daily Blabber,

“According to Access Hollywood, the model has gone to the NY Supreme Court and asked that the details from her divorce case be made public! She totally wants to screw her ex, Peter Cook, who’s little tryst with his 18-year-old assistant put a damper on their marriage.

In addition to his affair, it seems Christie’s ex had a thing for Internet porn, and he loved to check out swingers sites in search of some frisky women.

Apparently, the Uptown Girl is choosing to forego privacy to embarrass the hell out of her cheating husband”

Yeah, there are some women that ya just can’t screw with. And apparently, Christie Brinkley is one of them.

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#1 Patricia Davis on 07.07.08 at 4:50 pm

You go Christie! It is about time men learn their married manners! I am at the point where I can’t even look at a man any more without wondering what sort of “dark side” lies beneath. I think what you are doing is most appropriate. After watching Larry King Live tonight, and all the male psychiastrists and lawyers putting you down for your public display of “justice,” all I can say is you have done the right thing. Listening to these men on Larry King Live with their comments about “what career,” what it will do to your children–it all disgusted me. What it will do for your children is possibly make them better human beings by keeping that scum away from them. How dare he even want visitation rights! And as far as “what career,” the young models today couldn’t shine your shoes. Let the world know what he is truly about. God Bless you and your children. Embarrass Mr. Cook as it should be.

#2 Carlos Garza on 07.10.08 at 6:10 pm

WOW!!!….you couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a media story……gotta hand it to Christie……very very smart woman……she went with her gut feeling a long time ago and in the end…..she leaves the situation with grace…..the guy ran like a chicken once he knew he had been followed for a year……OUCH!

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