Jamie Spears’ Father’s Day – Complain, Complain, Complain

While most fathers,including those in Tinseltown, spent their big day on Sunday hanging out with their kids throwing a ball around or going out for supper, Jamie Spears decided to pounce on the opportunity to complain about how hard his life is. Did you know he had to quit his full-time job to take care of daughter Britney? Did you know that it wasn’t an easy job? Did you know – and I say it again – it’s his daughter he’s taking care of? Because apparently he doesn’t realize that. From eonline,

“Following up on his petition to collect “replacement compensation” for the month of February for being the coconservator of his daughter’s estate, Jamie Spears stated in a declaration filed June 6 that, starting Feb. 1, when he was first given control over Britney’s affairs following her second hospitalization this year, he was with her “on a near-twenty-four-hour basis to ensure her safety and well-being.”

A court commissioner did not allocate $2,500 a week for the elder Spears—plus funds to lease a car—until March 3.

“After Britney was released from the hospital, I brought Britney home and secured her living and care situation,” Spears said.

“Throughout the time period, I ran errands, including buying groceries and cooking supper on a daily basis. I talked frequently with Britney about her health status…I arranged for Britney’s transport and security to go shopping and so that she could teach a dance class.”

The Spears family’s current arrangement is in effect until at least July 31, when the conservatorship issue is due to be revisited in court.

Jamie Spears also included time spent with the kids—grandsons Jayden James and Sean Preston and ex-son-in-law Kevin Federline—as well as meetings with Britney’s lawyers and doctors, in his list of billable accomplishments over the month of February.

“I visited with Britney’s children and their father, Mr. Federline,” he stated. “I met and consulted attorneys. I also continued to consult with and meet Britney’s doctors and care providers.”

Is he kidding? He wants back pay for taking care of his kid? And for spending time with her and his grandchildren? Oh, I forgot. He had to spend time with Kevin Federline as well. Wasn’t that around the same time that he was trying to strike up a deal with him to run a restaurant? I pray that the court does not allow him to continue the conservatorship past this July. Proving where your “billable hours” are doesn’t account for much when you’re including things such as spending time with your family. I certainly hope that if I’m ever sick, my mom doesn’t charge me for helping me get healthy again.

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