Sarah Larson Not Crying Over Break-up

Rumors have been flying lately with the recent break-up of George Clooney and Sarah Larson. The break-up came as quite a shock to everyone and fuel was added to the fire this past week when it was rumored that Clooney gave her the boot after she got a boob job. Turns out that the boob job may have served her well as she is now the new face of big-time designer Christian Audigier. From imdb,

George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Larson is enjoying a career boost after her high-profile romance with the Hollywood actor – she’s been named the face of fashion designer Christian Audigier’s new line.

The model and former waitress is alleged to have been dumped by Clooney in May, although neither party has officially confirmed the split.

But Larson has now landed a deal with Audigier’s fashion firm to front a new line of couture dresses.

Audigier tells, “She is a fresh, elegant and classy girl. I saw her on a red carpet and liked her style and European look.”

Larson’s agent, Kenya Knight, adds, “Sarah was picked by Christian Audigier because she looks fabulous in everything she wears.”

Larson had her first fitting for the range on Thursday in Los Angeles, and she had a photo shoot for the advertising campaign on Friday.

The ads will be unveiled later this month.”

Well those will certainly be interesting to see. I don’t like this girl and it has nothing to do with the fact that she dated hottie George Clooney because really, I don’t stand a chance anyway. It’s the way she paraded around as though she were some sort of big shot just because she was with one of THE big shots. When I first heard the rumor about the boob job, I couldn’t believe that Clooney would do it but then I started thinking. If that was the reason he dumped her, it was probably more because of what it meant. Obviously she’s one to buy into the whole glamour and phoniness of fame and not remain true to who she is. I think Clooney would see that and make it reason enough to ditch her. I mean, shortly after their break-up, instead of holing up with some tissues and photos of them, she strolled down some of the most famously paparazzi-ridden streets of Hollywood. If that doesn’t scream, “Take my picture!”, nothing does.

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