Jamie Lynn Breaks Off Engagement

There’s little doubt that Jamie Lynn Spears has had a lot going on lately and it seems that the stress may be getting to her. First she gets pregnant by Casey Aldridge. Then, at a time when she needs support the most, her sister Britney starts freaking right out due to a mental condition and her parents fly off to L.A. to be with big sis instead. Then, seeking out whatever support she can, she goes to a medical center to get help and is turned away. All seemed to be going okay when it came out that she and Aldridge had plans to get married but now, even that has been turned upside-down. From Gossip Girls,

Jamie Lynn and Casey have been fighting non-stop about everything, from what to name the baby to what to eat for dinner. And now she’s called off their wedding plans.”

Another insider claims that Jamie Lynn’s father Jamie has put his overseeing of Britney on hold to be with her. “Jamie Lynn, Jamie and her mom are all staying at Serenity [the Spears family estate in Kentwood, Louisiana] right now. They’ve been busy decorating the baby nursery.”

Well it seems that now that Britney has gotten her life back on track, her parents can finally find time for the daughter they seem to have forgotten. I can only hope that things work out for Jamie Lynn. I do feel for her. Teen pregnancy happens and although unfortunate, the teen does need an outpouring of love like she has never seen before and she just hasn’t been getting it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jamie Lynn and Casey didn’t last. Again, it wouldn’t be ideal but they’re teenagers! How many of us can say that we’re still with our teenage sweetheart?

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#1 nikolas on 07.13.08 at 5:11 pm

what a shame
it IS ILLEGAL AND IT IS CALLED STATUTORY RAPE.. why are you following this trash anyway
noone really cares and do not really want to see things like this…
also the tragedy is that parents supported and approved underage prostitution and they did not press charges against this child.
oh my god and they are not adults
and they cannot be parents
what a trash this girl is

#2 Jimbob on 03.31.10 at 6:15 am

seriously! if you dont like her then dont follow her for god sakes. shes gone through enough without being called a prostitute and trash. your probs some trashy whore who cant get anyone to sleep with her but her own father grow up woman!!! its not prostitution it was consentual sex that why they are having baby #2 like what makes you so much better then her NIKOLAS

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