Paris and Benji Go to Vegas

I first read this headline and thought, “Please God, tell me they didn’t get married!” My biggest fear (and I think everyone’s biggest fear at this point) is that the two will exchange nuptials and it won’t be long before they have little Paris and Benji spawns running around. It seems as though they didn’t get married and were simply there with Paris’ sister Nicky and her boyfriend David Katzenberg. The foursome actually headed to the city to celebrate Allison Melnick’sbirthday. From The Gossip Girls,

“As previously reported by Gossip Girls, Ms Hilton spent the prior evening filming her new MTV reality show, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, at the same popular Sin City nightspot.

During her Friday night festivities, Paris was greeted with her song “Stars Are Blind” before continuing to dance, smoke cigarettes and drink Grey Goose vodka, dashing rumors that she was expecting her first baby.”

Another big sigh of relief from the crowd please that it seems that Paris is not pregnant. Although, with this new reality TV show – which, by the way, I think has a strong chance of failure – that dating the two rocker brothers has not brought Nicole Richie and Paris any closer together. It’s too bad, really. The pair seemed perfect for each other. Although Nicole really does seem to have changed her act since cute little Harlow was born.

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#1 gumball on 06.11.08 at 4:09 pm

I think Nicole knows Parasite could possibly harm her child as she is so jealous and envious of anything good anyone else has that she doesn’t, she would love to wreak Nicoles relationship with Joel too.

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