Christina Aguilera is in Love – With Her Boobs!

This is definitely marked on my list of “Grossest Things I’ve Seen Today.” Christina Aguilera is breastfeeding her son, Max and is partly doing it for reasons that have nothing to do with the infant’s nutrition. From The Pop Crunch Show,

Christina Aguilera has a “Dirty” plan for hanging on to her ample post-pregnancy bosom. Christina “loves her fuller cleavage,” which she credits to breastfeeding, and she “wants to keep it as long as she can,” according to a Star Magazine spy. The “Fighter” singer is so enthralled with her E-cup cleave she’s decided to keep breastfeeding her five month old son Max until he turns two.

Christina knows lots of women breastfeed until their kids are two years old-she even heard that Demi Moore did it.”

Well, if Demi did it, it must be okay. I actually have no problem with feeding your little tyke however long you think is appropriate. However, those things are not attractive! I’m a big fan of Christina’s but honey, you gotta put those ladies away! You can actually see the veins in them and who wants to look at that? Well, Christina apparently. The other issue is that an 18-month old doesn’t need the same amount of milk that a five-month old does so they are going to get smaller, even if she does decide to continue on for another year and a half. I thought she was being cute when she appeared on Ellen’s show a few months back and giggled about how it was obvious that she was breastfeeding but to flaunt those ugly things? Yuck! Sweetheart, do us all a favor and keep your looks G-Rated. It’s so much classier.

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#1 gumball on 06.11.08 at 4:04 pm

Britney, Tara, Christina and Pam.. just love their ugly girls..? Oh well.

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