The Latest in Celebrity Marriages

joel.jpgMarriage seems to be the trend this week in Hollywood as there’s a lot of recent news pertaining to who’s getting married, who wants to get married, and who wants to get back together once a marriage has split up. Who knows if the marriage trend has replaced the baby trend in Tinseltown but celebs seem to have their focus turned towards nuptials and ceremonies. Here are the biggest marriage stories this week.

The long awaited wedding of Joel Madden and is due to take place on June 29th and baby Harlow is going to play a large part of the ceremony, as she will be held in her mother’s arms for the entire time. Although this wedding was inevitable, it’s nice they’re doing it soon after Harlow’s birth and not dragging it on and on, using it as a publicity stunt.

and Fergie are also expected to soon take each other “for richer or poorer” but it seems that Fergie is desperately trying to make sure that it’s the latter. Her plans include a lavish wedding, pulling out all the stops and the grand affair is expected to be 1.5 million dollars. Josh however, doesn’t feel that the wedding needs to cost that much. It’s a lot of money but they have it and it’s the bride’s day so I believe he needs to back off and let her do what she will.

And there’s even news with the marriages that could be or couldn’t be, depending on which state you’re in. has absolutely no intention of marrying her girlfriend/wife Kelli Carpenter now that it’s legal in California. Apparently, the two are waiting until it’s legal everywhere. This seems like a simple explanation but since the two have been legally married in San Francisco, I don’t know what difference it makes. Maybe I just hate Rosie.

And as for those that have already made the walk down the aisle only to see it end in heartache? Well, in the case of , she is looking to get back together Royston Langdon. The two separated just last month but Tyler now wants to work things out for the sake of their child. It’s a nice thought but that’s hardly a reason to get back together and will probably hurt their son even more in the process.

And another divorcee is not even considering the possibility of reconcilation. Although is also profoundly saddened about the break up of her marriage, she is trying her best to move on with life and has left a message for fans on her website, thanking them for their support and giving hope for her future. It’s nice to see that she’s trying to glean something from the experience rather than just rant about what a horrible person he is. Although, I think we all know that by now.

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