Anderson Pregnant with a Third

gillian.jpgGillian Anderson has been a busy bee lately. She has just announced that she is expecting again, just before she turns 40. The child will be the second for her and boyfriend Mark Griffiths who have a son named Oscar, born in 2002. Anderson also has a daughter, Piper, 13, from another marriage. Although this is the first that many people have heard of the pregnancy, Anderson is expected to give birth in a couple of months. The pregnancy reportedly caused many problems while she was on the set of the new X-Files movie, due out this July. From Mail Online,

Anderson, 39, admitted she found working on the action movie a gruelling task – as she is not as fit as her co-star David Duchovny. So she left him to do majority of the stunts.

She said:'”It was hard work. I’m too old for this. David’s in the best shape of his life and did most of the work. He’s climbing and jumping off cliffs.

‘I was more exhausted by the end of it than he was. I’m a wimp.’

The X-Files TV show officially ended in 2002 but the actress has revived her character F.B.I. Special Agent Dana Scully for the series’ second full-length feature film.

Special Agents Mulder and Scully are reunited on the big screen after six years apart.”

Wouldn’t it be cool if that baby came just a tiny bit early and was born on the same day the movie was released?

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I love you Mulder and Scully-

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