Brad and Angelina Still Waiting

brad.jpgCould Brad and Angelina have any more drama surrounding them? Now there are reports floating around that she has had those twins that everyone has been talking about for the past several months. “Entertainment Tonight” reported that the twins had in fact been born in France as planned but these reports have been claimed as untrue. Another big “PUH-LEAZE!” This is what The Associated Press has to say about the story,

“The executive producer for “Entertainment Tonight” said Monday that she wanted to “see how this story plays out” before retracting a report that the twins had been born, despite a denial from Pitt’s manager and a claim that someone might be posing as Jolie’s personal assistant to fool reporters.

The TV showreported Friday that twin girls had been born, identifying its source as a person in the delivery room, and quoted another Web site giving the babies’ alleged names.

Rival news organizations quickly shot the story down. The Associated Press, which had picked up the “Entertainment Tonight” report after talking to executives at the show about their source, later quoted Pitt’s manager saying the “ET” story was not true.

It was “pandemonium” at the offices of Us Weekly when the “Entertainment Tonight” report was posted, said Dina Sansing, the magazine’s entertainment director.

People magazine was first to report that the story was not true. Us Weekly checked its own sources and concluded the same, Sansing said.

On Monday, Jolie’s attorneys advised news organizations that someone was posing as Holly Goline, Jolie’s personal assistant, and had sent out false information aboutthe movie star. The source for the “Entertainment Tonight” report was an e-mail supposedly from Goline, said an executive at the show who did not want to be identified for competitive reasons.

Was “Entertainment Tonight” punk’d? Perhaps not, the executive said.

The show initiated its own contact with Goline after hearing rumors the babies had been born in France, said the executive. The person who made the contact was an “ET” producer who had worked with Goline while at CNN and kept Goline’s e-mail address, the executive said. The executive forwarded an e-mail exchange that appeared to support this version of events.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are friends of `Entertainment Tonight.’ We have spent years cultivating that friendship, working with them side by side on many of their projects,” Linda Bell Blue, executive producer for “Entertainment Tonight” and its sister broadcast, “TheInsider,” said in a statement Monday. “We wish them and their children well. We are waiting to see how this story plays out.”

Once again, I am thoroughly baffled when it comes to any news pertaining to this couple. Why is “Entertainment Tonight” still claiming that they are waiting to see “how it plays out?” I think it’s been played and it turns out, it’s not true. I think that the show, although usually very reliable, was duped this time and they don’t want to admit it.

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