Madonna’s Son Officially Adopted

madonna.jpgIt became official today that Madonna has now legally adopted her son, David Banda. The singer took Banda into her home in 2006 with the intention of adopting him but it is only now that the process has finished. From US,

“Banda’s biological father Yohane told exclusively: “I am glad this is over now. I am happy for David.”

“I gave Madonna 100% rights for my son,” Yohane said. “He is her son. It’s because of her benovent nature that he assured me she will not cut ties with me.”

“We wish David and [his] mum, new dad, sister and brother would join us,” he added. “We are now family.”

Madonna recently premiered a documentary she made about orphans in Malawi.

“I was allowed to view footage and photographs of a lot of the children,” she told Oprah Winfrey in 2006. “An 8-year-old girl who is living with HIV was holding this child. I became transfixed by him. … But I didn’t yet know I was going to adopt him. I was just drawn to him.”

Madonna said David had survived malaria and tuberculosis but “no one looking after [his] welfare.”

Madonna, 49, and Ritchie have two other children: Lourdes, 11, and Rocco, 7.”

I’d say that I hope all is well for her family but I don’t think it will be considering that she and Guy Ritchie are due to break up any day now. It’s nice that this process is over for them though and that David is now officially part of the family. I’m also wondering if freakin Madonna has to wait two years for the process to be completed, how long does someone have to wait when they don’t have money falling out of their hands at every turn and don’t carry a huge name such as hers.

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