Kirk Cameron speaks about Bad Luck and Scientology

cameron.jpgYou can expect Kirk Cameron to be in the news for the next little while as he has written an autobiography titled Still Growing, which is filled with the bad turn his life took after he was a child star and some very strong statements about religion and specifically, Scientology.

Cameron speaks about a stalker that was constantly after him who, to make a bad situation worse, was a pedophile. He went undercover with the FBI to catch the stalker and all of this was amidst a series of other unfortunate events. Contact Music reports,

Cameron, now 37, had to face a host of other hardships while appearing on the series – including firing his own mother from her roleas manager after his parents’ separation caused an explosive rift.
He tells America’s OK! magazine, “I was part of an FBI sting operation to catch a pedophile stalker who was hunting me down. Difficult things were happening in my family during my parents’ separation.
“I had to fire my mother as my manager. I had my manager steal a lot of my money.”

It’s interesting how he speaks about his mother at the end and in the last sentence when speaking about why he had to fire her, calls her his manager instead of his mother. It’s almost as though he’s trying to separate the bad person that steals from him from the good woman that has raised him. Cameron goes on to speak about his views on Christianity and Scientology. His words are harsh and this one just screams public scandal. Contact Music also reports,

“The former teen idol turned to Christianity after his time on the hit U.S. TV series, complaining about various “immoral” aspects of the 1980s show’s plotline.
The 37-year-old even went on to set up his own U.S. ministry, The Way Of The Master, with his wife Chelsea Noble, the mother of his six God-fearing children.
And now Cameron, who has written his autobiography Still Growing about his life, has lashed out at the Church of Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard, branding the faith “kooky” – and advising people to find God through the Bible.
He tells America’s OK! magazine, “I think Scientology is kooky. I think L. Ron Hubbard had some imaginative ideas, but the bottom line is that it’s false, not real, and my advice to people is don’t get mixed up in cults and false religions but seek out the true and living God and try to honour him with all your heart. You can do that by reading the Bible.”

Okay, whatever his personal views are is fine by me. I do think he’s looking to stir up trouble especially after Tom Cruise gets hold of it. He hasn’t been one to shy away from the camera when speaking about the religion in the past. The biggest issue I have with this statement is that Growing Pains had “immoral aspects?” Wasn’t this the show that showed Boner thinking about doing drugs and Mike telling him how bad they were for him? Wasn’t Mike Seaver the underachiever that proved himself good? I don’t understand how a feel-good sitcom can be called immoral. I’m definitely going to need an explanation on this one.

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#1 April on 05.28.08 at 2:46 pm

umm maybe someone needs to read the book which we are speaking- I have and let me tell you, there was nothing explosive about firing his mother-it was almost mutual. and they are very close today- she works with him at his ministry and no she did not steal his money – a account/money manager did. A friend of the family but not his mom.

#2 elaine on 05.30.08 at 8:16 am

I am not sure about the immoral aspects of Growing Pains. He didn’t get specific. I do respect his faith and his moral standards now. I agree with him about Scientology. People have a right to their opininos. I highly doubt Kirk Cameron would be afraid of ticking off Mr. Cruise on this. Kirk seemed committed and secure in faith enough to say so publically. Not many Holly-weird types have that nerve. As for his Mother-manager. I feel bad for them. Showbiz and greed can tear a family apart. I hope he and his mother have found a way to forgive and move on.

#3 elaine on 05.30.08 at 2:24 pm

I have not read the book simply commenting on an exercpt in the article which did make it sound like the manager in question who stole money was his mother. However, glad the record is straight and quite relieved to hear it’s not his Mom who took funds. I have utmost Respect for Kirk Cameron. He defied odds of becoming a well adjusted and thriving adult. Many child stars do not have similar outcomes. I also respect Kirks’ faith and the work he and his wife do in ministry. They are great in my book…

#4 Rob on 02.27.10 at 2:16 am

Cameron has the gall to call Scientology kooky! He nonsensical and inane views are as kooky as Scientology. The sooner we hear less from this loser, the better. God is a myth and a pretty crappy one at that.

#5 Lori on 08.26.10 at 5:20 am

The produces of Growing Pains wanted him to pose “in bed” with Chelsea Noble on the set. He was not married to her in real life or on the set as Mike. By todays standards on television it would be no big deal. For him, it bothered his conscience. He is one of few celebrities who is not afraid to stand up for his faith. Too many celebrities (like Tom Cruise) sell out today. Way to go Kirk. God has blessed him and he is not afraid to tell the world.

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