Mayer Nervous About Meeting Cox

mayer.jpgA meeting has been arranged for John Mayer to meet Jennifer Aniston’s best friend, Courteney Cox-Arquette. At first, the news doesn’t seem like much but Mayer is extremely anxious about it. One has to wonder what would make his palms sweat so much about this and then you learn about the pressure that has been placed on this single meeting. From The Pop Crunch Show,

Jennifer Aniston is ready for new boyfriend John Mayer to meet BFF Courteney Cox-Arquette. Jen is hoping Courteney will give her new romance with the “Clarity” star a thumbs-up after giving John the once over.

John’s a bit uneasy about it – it’s like meeting your lover’s mom for the first time. Jen laughs and tells him Courteney just wants to pinch and poke the product,” a celeb snitch tells The National Enquirer.

The meeting will commence next month at a dinner party hosted at the Malibu home of Courteney and husband David Arquette.

Courteney guards Jen like a mother hen. Jen just smiles and reminds her pal she’s met John on several occasions – but Courteney comes right back with: ‘Yeah, but you weren’t sleeping with him then!’’

Meeting the best friend is a huge deal for any girl, celebrity or not, but the importance that has been placed on this meeting is ridiculous. I’m a big Jennifer fan but this seems like a little much to me.

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#1 :P on 05.22.08 at 10:07 am

I’m a big Jennifer fan but this seems like a little much to me.

What exactly does this mean? It’s not like she’s the one putting pressure on this meeting. It’s National Enquirer making up crap, for God’s sake.
How many times they printed CC as a crazy mommie to Jen who wouldn’t allow her to be happy with Vince and then she was pictured with them in double dates?

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