Lives and Loves of This Week’s Favorite Stars

There’s a lot going on these days in the lives and loves of our favourite celebrities! This past week it seems that all celebs are thinking about and talking about is sex, relationships, and babies. Here’s what’s been happening this week.

To begin with a story that involves no scandal or complicatons, had her fifth child this week. Her and her husband Sean Duffy both appeared on Real World. The only objectionable thing here is the fact that they named their new daughter Paloma.

nicole1.jpgAnd although she hasn’t given birth yet, is finally starting to show a bump! This is another Hollywood lady that seems to have been pregnant forever so it’s nice to see progress to indicate an end in sight! I love seeing her glowing as she shows off her tummy!

And of course – once again showing off her prego figure – is of course and alongside her hubby Brad Pitt. They’ve been everywhere that is anywhere and that’s just one more thing I don’t understand about this couple. Is she suffering ‘severe pregnancy problems’ asthey have indicated in the past or is she busy being a star? The most recent pics show her wearing what appears to be a curtain.

And in other love news, both and are becoming very, very open about sex! Diaz has talked about how much she loves sex to In Style while friends close to Aniston are spilling all her secrets for her! Apparently, Aniston and new boyfriend John Mayer are enjoying each other very much and leaving Pitt in the past. You rock, Jen!

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