Jessica Alba Marries Cash Warren

alba.jpgIt seems as though Jessica Alba has been pregnant FOREVAH! She chose to go a different route than that of Ashlee Simpson in regards to marrying before baby. Instead of marrying soon before showing a baby bump, it seems that Alba has put off getting married until she’s about ready to pop! From Celebrity Baby Scoop,

“Parents-to-be and Cash Warren have tied the knot! The couple wed in a secret wedding ceremony in a Beverly Hills courthouse on Monday.

According to sources, Jessica wore a long blue casual dress and her hair was in a ponytail. Apparently, no one else attended the service. Alba, 27, is expecting her first child, a daughter, with Warren, 31. The couple met while filming Fantastic Four.”

In true celebrity style, they have kept their nuptials quiet although not having anyone present does seem to be a bit extreme. But I do think that this is rarity in any type of world that a bride chooses to marry when she will be waddling down the aisle. Well, best of luck to the couple as they prepare for their newest addition to their very new family!

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#1 Emmanuel Caceres on 05.22.08 at 2:18 am

Jessica is gonna regret this because people warn her about it beside me to move on no matter what and never get back with a cheater I’m very disapointed in Jessica even though I really admire her but she’s a hardheaded cause she knows better she got cheated on also she very blind with this guy of Cash that when it hits her hard she will learn the hard way for example by saying not only people that care for me was right I was wrong when she realizes and wake up.People can’t be blind in this life with love only with the love of God because the lord is the true lover and just cause she thinks by being pregnant she gonna force this guy next to her or trap him she’s wrong because a kid doesn’t always solve the problems and a child did not ask to come to the world also she should of give herself more time at least in her 30’s to form a family not rush it that my story is almost the same as her also a spouse either way always try to cheat on them while marry she has to be careful with that guy and I don’t trust him neither like him once a cheater always a cheater also is pointless having a child with a man or person that cheats on you also she is making herself miserable making that moron miserable and especially that child cause the last are raising a innocent thing who has no fault of what goes on between adults she should start reflecting asap I’m not kidding what she see in him and why she got back with him shame on her for but I still love her.

#2 Emmanuel Caceres on 05.23.08 at 6:32 pm

Cash Warren is a real garbage and Jessica is just wasting time with that moron and just because she saw Eva get marry it doesn’t mean Alba has to copy her because no matter how many years people are marry people never finish knowing people period.I’m very dissapointed in Jessica even though I really admire her aslo she knows better about that imbecil.

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