Paul McCartney’s Divorce STILL Not Over!

1paul.jpgYes it was just months ago when we were all being dragged through the financial settlement of Paul McCartney’s divorce to Heather Mills. The whole affair was meant to be top-secret but as all-things-celebrity, word got out and fans and bloggers alike knew a lot of things that were happening in the court room. Now, there’s one more step the two must take before they are officially divorcees of each other. From People,

“A London High Court judge granted Paul McCartney and Heather Mills a “decree nisi” Monday, bringing their marriage one step closer to a formal end, a court spokesman confirms to PEOPLE.

Under British divorce law, the decree nisi is essentially a preliminary divorce. The McCartneys now must wait six weeks and one day to receive a decree absolute, which ends the marriage completely.

Justice Hugh Bennett ended the couple’s marriage on grounds that they have been separated for two years. Neither McCartney, 65, nor Mills, 40, appeared in court.

The decree paves the way for Mills to receive her $48.6 million divorce settlement, which was granted in March. “

I’m sure that Heather Mills is happy about this. Not only because she will be arms-length at best to Sir Paul but also because she’s got her name into the media once again. That’s all this woman is about. Splashing herself across every page of the paper and soaking that man of his money is all she knows how to do. God bless this divorce! Please let it happen quickly!

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#1 Antoniofww on 05.15.08 at 10:28 am

It’s always so sad to see these things happen so publicly. But this is the life of a star and Paul is one of the biggest there is. All I can say is at least they didn’t have a Reality TV Show about them going through this. The press was enough as it was. I think about Hulk Hogan and what he and his wife are going through:

All my best,

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