Hefner Offers Cyrus a Job

heffner.jpgSo this is the reason why those seemingly “innocent” pictures of Miley Cyrus were such a big deal! Notorious pervert,Hugh Hefner has come out saying that when she’s of age, she can pose for his pervert magazine any time she wants. From People,

“Hefner, 82, told Extra that the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star is a “very pretty lady.”

Last week Cyrus said she was “embarrassed” by a racy semi-topless portrait shot by Annie Leibowitz for Vanity Fair.

“I think to make such a big to do over something as innocent as those photos, I think is a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality,” Hefner told Extra.”

But this is exactly the problem! Hugh Hefner is putting thoughts into a fifteen-year old’scyrus.jpg head about posing naked in a photo. True, Miley Cyrus has grown up in Hollywood and those thoughts were bound to be there at some point. But does she need the adults of her world acting so inappropriately on top of all of it? What message does Hefner think Cyrus would walk away with after that? That she’s good at it? That if the acting thing doesn’t work out, she can always take off her clothes?

It’s disgusting and as grossed out as I normally am by Hefner, he was way too far over the line on this one.

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