Jenna Bush Stays True to her Roots with Wedding

bush1.jpgJenna Bush, who got married to Henry Hager on Saturday, kept her wedding just as it should be – with a quiet ceremony at the family’s Crawford Ranch in Texas and having no media coverage. It was a ceremony held outside with the Texas wildflowers as decorations. It was she who decided that she didn’t want to have her ceremony or reception at the White House, as that would only bring on a media circus. And she has never lived there so the place doesn’t hold any memories of growing up there and isn’t an extremely special place to her in that regard. From,

“Still, some details have leaked out. About 200 guests will gather Saturday at a remote location for a security sweep and transport to the ranch.Jenna and Henry will be married at twilight in front of a limestone altar and cross near a man-made lake on the property.

Jenna’s dress is organza with embroidery, beading and a small train. Barbara, serving as maid of honor, will wear a moonstone-blue silk gown with an open back. Fourteen friends will serve in the house party, wearing custom gowns of cocktail length in shades of Texas wildflowers.

“It will be really beautiful,” Laura Bush said. “This is the time when the wildflowers are all blooming. And I think it will be a very, very lovely wedding, and it will be very like Jenna and Henry. And, of course, that’s what we want. We want what she wants.”

Getting married at the ranch was Jenna’s idea. It was a move that deprived the nation of a White House wedding. The last presidential daughter to get married at the White House was Tricia Nixon in 1971.

Even during their brief residencies in Washington, Jenna and Barbara never lived in the White House. It’s not home to them. And having the wedding at the White House probably would have meant more news media presence.

“Henry and I are far less glamorous than the White House,” Jenna told Vogue magazine. “We wanted something organic and low-key.”

Hopefully with her father leaving office this year, Jenna and Henry will be able to lead a somewhat quiet life but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen before they get back from their honeymoon, which happens to be in Europe. Jenna, I’m sure has had enough of the press coverage, with her so-called drinking problems while she was in college – that in my opinion, wasn’t even all that bad probably and wasn’t any worse than what other college kids do. She seems to be trying to better her public image and part of the strategy seems to be to just keep things quiet. So far, it seems to be working for her as media coverage was not at all allowed during her wedding.

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#1 reddog on 05.10.08 at 4:05 pm

If she can stay sober, keep from getting cigarette burns on the gown and remember to wear panties, she should be alright.

#2 Jessara Hargett on 05.10.08 at 6:09 pm

God bless you Jenna and Henry in your new life together!!!!

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