Ashlee Simpson’s Morning Sickness May Spill Her Secret

ashlee.jpgEveryone who’s sick of this whole Ashlee Simpson pregnancy business raise your hand! I’m so tired of hearing “Is she or isn’t she?” about the pop star that I really could vomit. And it seems that’s exactly what Ashlee has been busy doing lately. It seems Ashlee’s tour “Bittersweet World” could be brought to an abrupt halt as the little bun is just causing too much morning sickness for her. From The Pop Crunch Show,

“Ashlee Simpson has yet to confirm heavily rumored pregnancy, but the singer is reportedly struggling with violent bouts of morning sickness that are threatening the survival of her Bittersweet World promo tour.

Ashlee’s having major morning sickness…it’s been a rough few weeks,” an insider close to the star tells Life & Style Weekly. “She has all these appearances scheduled to promote her new album. She may have to pull back.”

I wish she would just come out with it whether or not she was prego. Well okay, that she is prego. I’m just so tired of all the rumors and when they’re this rampant, it’s no longer that “personal issue” that Ashlee has claimed she wants it to be. She could also deny it until she can no longer hide the bump and then maybe we would be able to stop listening to it.

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#1 Yam on 05.15.08 at 1:18 am

Good advice from one pregnant woman to another:

You sill bat – tell the truth, cancel your tour and go home and relax… Why would anyone want to deal with hormones and all this? And tell your weird old man to back off!

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