Minnie Driver Speaks About Baby Daddy

1minnie.jpgMinnie Driver has started dropping clues as to who her baby’s daddy is. Rumors started flying when she officially announced two months back that she was pregnant and all rumors were centered around one thing, “Who is this kid’s father?” A lot of people were coming to the conclusion that it was Craig Zolezzi, a musician in San Francisco but Minnie has quickly dispelled those myths. From People,

“Craig’s not the dad!” the 6-months-pregnant star told the U.K.’s Independent Thursday. “He’s my great friend and he’s been so cool about it.”

So who is it? The British-born Riches star – who is in the U.K. promoting her second album, Seastories – will only say that he’s English and “sort of in the same business.” (She also revealed that they have no plans to marry in the “near future.”)

The former Good Will Hunting Star (who previously credited the Easter Bunny for her ever-growing bump) also said she’s decided to keep the mystery going as long as possible.

“I want to shield the baby’s dad as much as I can because it wasn’t his choice to get roped into all this stuff,” she told the paper – adding that her first pregnancy was “unplanned” but “very happily received.”

“It’ll come out in time,” said Driver, who has a craving for a cheese sandwich every day at precisely 11:30 a.m. “There’ll be some other bump people will be interested in and I’ll have this baby and get on with my life.”

I have a feeling that this one is not going to die down anytime soon but I do think it’s super-cute how she gets a specific craving at a specific time every day. I love Minnie, whether she wants to talk about the dad or not!

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