Brad and Angelina Toted Among “Most Influential”

brangelina.jpgDo I need to say one more time that Brad and Angelina make me sick? Now they have been claimed in Time Magazine as one of the “Most Influential People.” They ranked as Number 21. According to Times they are “Heroes and Pioneers” and have sitting above them, deservingly so, Oprah Winfrey. PUH-LEAZE! You’ve got to be kidding me. They are now heroes? And pioneers? For what, I ask.

Is it the fact that they are cheaters that make them such pillars of society? Or the fact that they don’t realize that there are children right in their own country that need help? Yes, Brad and Angelina fight for any cause. Except for the truly worthy ones it seems. They promote awareness in regards to the environmental effects that Huricane Katrina has had on New Orleans but while doing so, drive right past those trailers that people are STILL living in and don’t give them a second glance. And Angelina is the new face of the United Nations. Great.

What else have they done? Um…you tell me. It seems to me that we are always hearing about how wonderful this sick couple is but never really hearing about what changes they are making. Not surprisingly, their good friend George Clooney disagrees with me. He says in another article quoted by Daily Blabber,

“It is one thing to talk about the problems of the world and quite another to actually try to change things.”

“There are hundreds of people who could be honored for their good works,” he continues, “But I’ve seen Brad and Angelina firsthand, and their commitment together is truly impressive.”

To be quite honest, I don’t even care what these two have done to better our world. They make me sickand I truly believe that any good work they do is pure PR to try and make a better name for themselves after they have disgraced the lives of everyone around them in their personal worlds.

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#1 Hannah on 05.06.08 at 10:41 am

FINALLY!!!! Someone who can see thru all the Brangelina PR (BS). Two people with zero personal integrity trying to come off like freakin saints. Amazing what money can buy these days.

#2 elaine on 05.30.08 at 8:27 am

I agree! Wow glad someone said this. People worship these two like Gods. It’s seriously sick. Yes, they donate time and money to causes. Woo-hoo. Yes it is wonderful and good. Some celebs dont even do that. But you are right on a couple of things. They are getting something out of it and that is the good PR and for all their protesting they seem to LOVE the attention. Secondly, you are right there are causes and children right here in the US who could use help why must you globe-trot all over the world to help. I guess it’s better PR to be photographed wearing a head scarf in the Middle East or rushing through the African bush thaen using a low-key approach without the fanfare. Of course when they did help in New Orleans there was nothing low-key or quiet about it. As for Clooney. Well used to like him long ago on ER, but now he is just another empty headed Brad-Angie follower who is completely clueless about how the real world .

I can think of some pretty heroic REAL people who never get the PR and adulation of Brangelina.. People who donate their time, money, and soul to causes… Dont’ get me started on Oprah. She has done some good but she is ranking up there with Brangelina.

The thing that is funny is these people believe their own hype and their sense of self and entitlement is ENORMOUS…. Remember it wasn’t so long ago Ms. Jolie was swapping blood and spit with Billy Bob and also with her brother James Haven. Now she is the second-coming and Mother Earth. Whatever way PR will spin for you….

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