Bai Ling Back With Damon Elliot?

bai_wipeout.jpgI recently caught this little tidbit from The Evil Beet; although I think the post was primarily concerned of whether or not Bai Ling‘s pubes were visible. (By the way, Beet Girls, that’s a mixture of Bai Ling‘s snatch-hat tattoo, and pubes.) From The Evil Beet:

“…So much to talk about in this photo.

First, the basics: Bai Ling totally wiped out in the ocean after kayaking at Pink’s house.

Mystery #1: What was Bai Ling doing at Pink’s house? And kayaking?

Then, she was pulled from the water by her boyfriend, music producer Damon Elliott (this is Dionne Warwick’s son).

Mystery #2: So she’s back with Damon Elliott? She blamed her February shoplifting arrest at LAX on her break-up from him, saying that it had her all stressed out. When I get dumped, I usually shoplift, too. But I shoplift from the guy, not the airport. …

And the biggest mystery of all: are those pubes or a tattoo sticking out from her suit? I zoomed this picture in as close as I could, and I still wasn’t sure. …”

Bai Ling did get totally smashed for shoplifting earlier this year, and when she got caught, she went on this big emo tirade, about how she was emotionally wonky because of her break-up with Damon Elliot. Who, looks like a big dork. Why do celebrities shoplift? I know, they aren’t as loaded as everyone seems to think, this is a fact. The IRS takes a huge bite out of everything. But there is no possible way any celebrity should ever need to shoplift, unless it’s a) a tampon and they are a long way from their purse, so the need to sprint through a grocery store and steal a Tampax is dire; or b) trying to discreetly take a pregnancy test.

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#1 Kate on 03.26.09 at 10:07 am

I think it’s a tattoo… Maybe we’ll find out in Chain Letter.

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