Debate Over Jimi Hendrix Sex Tapes

hendrix.jpgIn the generation of sex tapes, here comes a story that is very disturbing. They are all disturbing in some way but I think when Paris Hilton’s story came out, most of us found it to be quite humorous and a true tribute to how stupid she really is.

But now a tape has come out that seems to show Jimi Hendrix having sex with two different girls. This is disturbing to me for many reasons. The first being that the man is dead. Can stars not even stay away from the press once they have been deceased for over 30 years? The second is that Hendrix is a legend who’s influence on music can still be felt today. There are some stars that just shouldn’t be touched in my opinion. But is it really Hendrix on the tapes? This is what the debate is all about. From Digital Spy,

Jimi Hendrix’s estate has challenged the authenticity of a sex tape allegedly featuring the late guitarist.

It was reported earlier this week that a 40-year-old clip of a man resembling Hendrix having sex with two girls is being sold on the internet.

Seattle-based firm Experience Hendrix, which controls the rights to the star’s music and likeness, said in a statement: “We strongly dispute the claimed authenticity of the tape.

“We view the release as nothing more than a callous attempt to trade on the image and reputation of a deceased artist who is unable to defend himself against such an outrageous and baseless assertion.”

LA adult video company Vivid Entertainment, which has packaged the footage into a 45-minute DVD, said it consulted several experts to ensure that the clip was genuine.

Co-chairman Steven Hirsch said Experience Hendrix’s comments were “not in any way a refutation of the authenticity” of the tape, adding: “We are very comfortable this is the real thing.”

I can’t see the tape as being real since it is 40 years old and one has to wonder why it’s just coming out now? Who decided to break their silence about it after 40 years? And if it is true, who cares? Is it going to have a serious impact on his career? Is someone just trying to drag his name through the dirt? Again, the man is no longer with us. Let him be!

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