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Just For Fun… how to properly detox your body

I was skimming over my Sage for the how to detoxify and the sake of detoxify the how to detoxicate your body and the body and of finding all you gossip mongers some dirt, and I came across this in Evil Beet. It’s always cute when dogs understand that celebrities are basically the how to […]

Lohan’s Drunk and Jealous

Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson have been rumoured to be dating since late last year. Not only do the two seem to be quite happy together but Lohan seems to be obsessed with the girl and wants to keep her all to herself. On Saturday, Lindsay, Samantha, and Ashley Olsen were all hanging out […]

Eli Manning Ties the Knot

Eli Manning got married in Mexico on Saturday, April 19 to Abby McGrew. The Giants quarterback may be a power house on the field but he is nothing but a romantic at heart. The ceremony took place during sunset on the beach of the Sea of Cortez in “one of the most beautiful weddings I […]

…Kids Don’t Want Mariah Carey Either spirulina while pregnant

At least they would if they heard her reasons for not having any children. Mariah Carey is about two inches deep and gradually drying up, in my personal opinion. For example, Carey‘s dismissal of spirulina pregnancy side effects and of a sponsored event in which hundreds of vegan diet vitamin b12 and of fans showed […]

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes May Still Be BFF

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes became BFFs when Beckham first moved to Los Angeles. There have been recent reports that the duo had called the friendship quits and that Holmes and Beckham were very busy these days hurling insults at each other. The rumours were sparked even more when stories came out that Holmes’ marriage […]

Kate Hudson Spends Birthday with Owen Wilson

Kate Hudson turned 29 this past Saturday and she spent her big day with Owen Wilson, adding fuel to the rumour’s fire that the two are back together. And they definitely look back together, with Kate jumping on Owen as he relaxes in the shade. Not the best picture ever provided tous by the paparrazi […]

Jeff Goldblum & Imogen Heap: New Couple!

And how appropriate for one another are they? Imogen Heap is a total weirdo, as well as being popular amongst the electro music inclined. And Jeff Goldblum is… well, you’ve seen The Fly. Anyway, he’s usually portrayed as being either intense and quirky, in that awkwardly sexy way. They make a cute couple, certainly. From […]

Lindsay Lohan and Dad Make Fight Very Public

Elizabeth Hurley May Be Hiding a Bump

Rumours started flying after the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Pink Party that was held on April 8 that Elizabeth Hurley may be pregnant. Dressed in a loose pink sari and strategically placing her clutch in front of her tummy at all times, she did nothing to put out any fires that may be started in […]

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Want Us To Sit Through More Of Their Crap

Yes, sadly, it’s true. Heidi and Spencer want yet another time slot where they can show off their pathetic attempts to fool us into believing that they’re actually a couple. Except this time there won’t be any Lauren Conrad to make things interesting; it will just be an hour full of wedding planning drama. Mindless […]

Ignatius Martin Upton Makes His Debut!

Cate Blanchett gave birth to her third son last week and he was home very briefly before his mum whisked him away to the 2020 Summit. The meeting is to encourage creativity and intellegient discussion revolving around arts and politics. It seems that three boys just aren’t enough for Blanchett as she also co-chaired the […]

Kanye West and Alexis Phifer Split!

Kanye West has broken up with his fiance, Alexis Phifer. The hip-hop star broke off the engagement being very vague in his reasoning and telling her that it simply wouldn’t work between the two. But breaking her heart wasn’t enough for Kanye. He had to also ask her for his ring back because with his […]

Jimmy Kimmel Is Going To Get A Rosie O’Donnel Lap Dance? infuser water bottle recipes

There are some days when I am sooo happy I don’t actually own a television; even though, as an American, I’m surrounded by them. However, that still means that my chances of how to make fruit water drinks and of seeing Rosie O’Donnel give Jimmy Kimmel a lap dance. It’s not that I have anything […]

Stars with Pregnancy Problems

You often hear about fairytale romances and pregnancies in Hollywood and wonder how the stars do it. It seems their pregnant one day and having the baby the next with really no muss or fuss in between. But there are many stars walking around Tinseltown that are finding that pregnancy is not as glamorous as […]

Katie Wants Trial Separation from Tom

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are having trouble and lots of it. It seems that when they were fighting over how to spend their daughter, Suri’s birthday party a few weeks ago, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Tom Cruise seems to be very controlling over Katie, wanting to be with her every […]

Adnan & Britney: Are They On Or Off? send flowers to toronto

Despite a lack of renting wedding flowers and of coverage on the flower.delivery toronto and the tragic and troubled couple, Kathy Griffin, known for her non-entertaining and ultimately boring show, “My Life On The D-List,” says that they are still an item. Kathy‘s been hanging around with Adnan for an episode of flowers toronto delivery […]

Joel Madden Comes Home

After a long tour, Joel Madden finally comes home. Nicole Richie couldn’t wait to seehim as her and baby Harlow went to LAX to welcome him home. Apparently, Richie doesn’t have a nanny and so she’s had to watch that little girl all by herself. Can you imagine? How hard that must be for a […]

Are Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer Expecting Again?

There are rumours floating around that Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer are expecting a little brother or sister for their seventeen-month old daughter, Ruby. From Celebitchy, “In a world exclusive, In Touch can reveal that Tobey Maguire and his wife, Jennifer Meyer, are expecting their second child later this year — and they’re hoping it’s […]

Cameron Diaz Loses Her Father

It’s a very sad time for Cameron Diaz, as she struggles to cope withthe death of her father. From eCanadaNow, “Hollywood (eCanadaNow) – Cameron Diaz has unfortunately lost her father, Emilio Diaz. He has died after suffering from pneumonia. The 58-year old suddently passed away on Tuesday morning. He lived in Seal Beach, Calfornia and […]

Sam Lutfi & Britney Spears Aren’t Allowed To Play Together Anymore

And this is really what the whole conflict comes down to. Remember when you were in school and your mom says “That boy/girl is a bad influence! Don’t let me see you hanging around him/her!”? That’s the whole Sam Lutfi/Britney Spears issue in a nutshell. Britney Spears‘ parents both agree that Sam Lutfi and their […]