Has-Beens Now in the News

It seems this past week has had many stars emerging onto the covers of magazines and in blogs that to be frank, we may have forgotten all about. Or at least tried to. Here are the latest has-beens that have found their way back to the spotlight.

lopez.jpgRemember ? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. He played Slater on the long ago sitcom Saved By the Bell. Recent reports say that he is breaking up with his girlfriend, Karina Smirnoff. The two met and started dating during the third season of Dancing With the Stars when the two both appeared on the show. Karina is currently denying all rumors.

has also been in the news recently with reports on his relationship with his wife. No, they’re not breaking up but they probably should as the former rapper has had battery charges filed against him by his wife. All charges have now been dropped, which is quite sad considering that she took back her statement. There’s something about the charges that seem to ring true though.

While some stars are making a bad name for themselves, is trying to make a better name for animals in the United States. Now that she’s an official citizen, that is. She may not be a complete wash-up but I can’t help wishing that she would justanderson.jpg fade off the scene. These days she is fighting for animal rights at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on behalf of PETA. Come on though, who’s really going to take her seriously when she’s dressed like that?

And Pamela’s not the only one trying to better the world. , also a has-been is using his former pop star status to fight against human trafficking into the United States.

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