Amy and Blake are on the Rocks

blake.jpgAnd we’re not talking about a drink although that might be their first thought. This story of Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil just gets more screwed up by the minute. First he’s in jail and there’s all kinds of stories about how she can’t get in and then she turns herself in for assault and now it seems that both of them are cheating on each other and they may or may not be getting a divorce. From Dotspotter,

“While Amy Winehouse was busy getting arrested, news that her incarcerated hubby Blake Fielder-Civil has been cheating on her have come out. Blake had a hearing on Friday that Wino didn’t attend due to her own legal troubles. It looks like Blake didn’t miss her though as the douche was spotted blowing kisses to another woman at his latest court appearance. 21-year old Sophie Schandorff was also seen returning the blown kisses from across the courtroom. Blake even responded by mouthing ‘I love you’ back to the blonde. The lady however says that she is simply his best friend and that she has known Blake for two years.”

Meanwhile, Amy is not only having an affair as well but she has also locked the man out of her London home. The man in Alex Haynes, who is 24 and is her manager’s assistant. Winehouse denied all of the rumors and was infuriated that the media was perpetuating the horrible lies. I don’t know that Alex is all that smart either. First of all, how dumb do you have to be to get involved with the likes of her? He also tried many times to open the door with a key but walked away baffled at why he couldn’t get in when she was at home.

Winehouse and Fielder-Civil have given mixed reports it seems about the current condition of their marriage, which by the way has lasted for a total of eleven months. Although no one is saying they are not getting divorced, no one is saying that they will either. Either way, it’s clear that these two need to stay off the crack long enough to figure some stuff out.

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