Carey and Cannon: Engaged?

There are very few, if any,  celebrities that I hate more than Mariah Carey. It’s been nauseating to sit through all of her interviews and the rest of the media coverage listening to her go on and on about her new album that’s coming out. I think it’s called, “Yup! I’m still crazy!” Now she […]

The Rocket’s Pants Are on Fire!

Roger Clemens, or The Rocket, as he was known to fans and fellow team members, was the main focus of the steroid accusations that were flying around late last year due to The Mitchell Report and now it’s come out that he not only lies to the press and his fans but also to his […]

Beyonce & Jay-Z: Shotgun Wedding? Pregnant? Oh no!

What is she going to do about her gorgeous figure? Gasp! Actually, it’s not confirmed. However, there are rumors a’floating around that the reason Jay-Z and Beyonce were just *poof!* married one day, is because Beyonce was knocked up. At least according to Hollyscoop: “Looks like the celebrity baby boom that started last year is […]