Madonna Keeps Divorce Rumors Going

maddona.jpgMadonna had the media all a buzz last month when there were rumors that she was going to be getting a divorce from her husband of eight years, Guy Ritchie. Although the rumors stated that she wouldn’t be doing so until the fall at least, it was thought that they were definitley going to split. After speculation by many, many, many people, Madonna’s reps came out saying that it was not at all true. But now she has resparked those rumors after she bought a New York apartment in her name earlier this week. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“Well Madge has gone and purchased an apartment in New York using her maiden name. Madonna already owns an apartment in the building and is planning on knocking her new apartment through to the one she already owns to have one huge apartment for her and the kids to live in.”

I don’t know if Madonna is or isn’t going to get divorced from Guy but does her buying an apartment in her own name really mean anything? Why can’t a woman purchase a place where she is the sole owner? And besides that, she’s freakin Madonna for cryin out loud! I don’t see how this states one way or another that a divorce is imminent.

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