Amy Winehouse Hates Chivalry!

amywinehouse0424.jpgIf you see Amy Winehouse coming towards you, do not, I repeat, do not! try to do anything nice for her! Apparently, she assaults this type of person. Some guy who tried to hail her a cab got head-butted in the face. Poor man. Once again, a prime example of geographical differences in behaviour. Down here, she would have been punched right in her herpes-covered mouth, or slapped down like any other crack whore. From InTouch:

“It looks like Amy Winehouse has gone off the deep end again. Instead of graciously accepting an actof chivalry, Amy is alleged to have headbutted a man on a London street early in the morning on Wednesday after he tried to hail a taxi for her. According to U.K. paper The Sun, which showed photos of Amy crashing into a lamppost, this came after a day and night of debauchery — during which the “Rehab” singer supposedly attacked a second man, kissed a third, smoked drugs on the street and trashed a bar. Police are said to be investigating the headbutting incident, following up on a complaint filed by the taxi-hailing Good Samaritan. A rep for Amy didn’t return calls for comment.”

amy_winehouse.jpgWhy isn’t this retard in jail yet? Obviously, she deserves it as this point. Amy Winehouse‘s husband had to serve his time, I do not have the slightest clue why she seemed to slide off unscathed. Obviously she was involved in drugs too, and now she’s tearing around town like some kind of maniacal drug-crazed female rendering of Mr. Hyde. Someone take the bitch out, please!

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