More Gerard Butler Romance Rumors

cburke.jpgThis time revolving around Gerard and his neighbor Cheryl Burke; supposedly they shared a secret kiss at Eva Longoria’s restaurant. Before I get into it, I have to address this nagging irritation I have here. Why does everyone suddenly only give a shit about Butler‘s television career? He was in Beowulf, damn it! He was Leonidas! He was Dracula! What the hell is Nim’s Island in comparison? Anyway, that’s done. From People:

Cheryl Burke is being coy about romance rumors between her and Nim’s Island star Gerard Butler — though she does say the two are friends and neighbors.

“You know, honestly he’s good friends with [my dance partner] Cristian [de la Fuente] and his wife — and we met through them,” Burke told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday. “He actually lives in my apartment building, and we’ve been friends for a few months.”

When pressed about a rumored kiss — during a party at Eva Longoria Parker’s restaurant Beso in Los Angeles — Burke told Seacrest: “You know, everyone says hello and says goodbye and kisses each other. Don’t you, Ryan?”

But Burke was more chatty when it came to another man in her life — her dance partner, whom she called, “the most improved guy I’ve ever been with. “And on Monday night’s “Dancing with the Stars,” Burke and de la Fuente from the judges. Said Burke: “He works so hard and he’s not afraid to do anything.””

gerard-butler-hair-styles.jpgCheryl Burke is mainly popular in television; her film credits are nil, and Dancing With The Stars is her forte, although she’s -barely- a celebrity, let alone a star. As is usual in reality shows which feature the only celebrities willing to do any shows with the word “star(s)” in it. Cheryl‘s glamorous face and style is probably the only celeb thing about her. Either way, she seems reasonably sweet, and somewhat uninterested in Gerard. He is probably still a bachelor. So yay for the rest of us.

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#1 Dancing Queen on 04.30.08 at 1:12 pm

I do hope Gerard Butler has better than that. To think he dumped such a nice girl as Cameron Diaz to go to some drunken dancer who can’t keep her mouth shut and babbles some stupidity that she has to confirm it as they might be an item in the future? Really, I would think Gerry being a private person might not give her the time of the day. He must already be annoyed by her constantly hounding him at Villa. She’s making way too much of one kiss as he probably kissed a few other women there and was just as touchy-feely with them as he was with her. Gerry, love, do yourself a favor: move from that building because I think Cheryl is going to be the neighbor from Hell. He’s probably not dating her and if he is he probably has reconsidered as he was seen very recently trying to pick up two women at Tropicana and they were hotter looking than she is.

#2 SusanLovejoy on 09.20.08 at 5:45 am

I agree with you “dancing queen” Gerry is not over yet being a bachelor . He probably has not seen yet the right one and most of these Celebs just use each other for publicity besides we think Gerry might have realized that he is too handsome to pair up with Cameron Diaz and Cheryl Burke. Sorry to say this comment that we think these 2 ladies are not as stunning , not pretty, nothing really special compared to other girls who were paired with Gerry such as Angelina Jolie( Lara Croft), Emma Rossum (Phantom…) Lena Heady(300). To each his own Bless you Gerry…just enjoy life and you know your massive fan club including me believes in you and will love you forever.

#3 HECTOR RAMIREZ on 04.12.09 at 3:46 pm


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