Lohan’s Drunk and Jealous

lohan2.jpgLindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson have been rumoured to be dating since late last year. Not only do the two seem to be quite happy together but Lohan seems to be obsessed with the girl and wants to keep her all to herself. On Saturday, Lindsay, Samantha, and Ashley Olsen were all hanging out at The Beatrice in Manhattan, where Ronson was spinning. During one of her sets, Olsen had the nerve to give her a friendly hello, which sent Lohan off the deep end. From The Pop Crunch Show,

Ashley Olsen said hello to Sam at the Beatrice, and Lindsay screamed at her, ‘Get your 15-year-old ‘Full House’ ass away from my girlfriend. Saturday, Lohan said Ronson “was ignoring her” and became upset. “Samantha was really focused on her work and didn’t leave the booth for anything.” Lindsay is so into her pal, she’s even created a Facebook profile under “Lindsay Ronson.”

This outburst could be due to the fact that Lohan is back to her wild drinking and partying ways, after swearing the stuff off forever. That same night Lohan was seen with Ronson at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone where she consumed massive amounts of Grey Goose and Red Bull. She got so drunk that she kept falling over and was barely conscious when she was put into a cab at about four a.m.

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