More Gerard Butler Romance Rumors

This time revolving around Gerard and his neighbor Cheryl Burke; supposedly they shared a secret kiss at Eva Longoria’s restaurant. Before I get into it, I have to address this nagging irritation I have here. Why does everyone suddenly only give a shit about Butler‘s television career? He was in Beowulf, damn it! He was […]

Just For Fun… how to properly detox your body

I was skimming over my Sage for the how to detoxify and the sake of detoxify the how to detoxicate your body and the body and of finding all you gossip mongers some dirt, and I came across this in Evil Beet. It’s always cute when dogs understand that celebrities are basically the how to […]

Lohan’s Drunk and Jealous

Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson have been rumoured to be dating since late last year. Not only do the two seem to be quite happy together but Lohan seems to be obsessed with the girl and wants to keep her all to herself. On Saturday, Lindsay, Samantha, and Ashley Olsen were all hanging out […]

Eli Manning Ties the Knot

Eli Manning got married in Mexico on Saturday, April 19 to Abby McGrew. The Giants quarterback may be a power house on the field but he is nothing but a romantic at heart. The ceremony took place during sunset on the beach of the Sea of Cortez in “one of the most beautiful weddings I […]